Vol 11, N° 2 (2010)

Manuscripts census schedules and Demographic Research

edited by Liam Kennedy, Lucia Pozzi


Documenti e problemi di ricerca

Editorial introduction PDF
Liam Kennedy, Lucia Pozzi 9-16
Charleville’s census reports: an exceptional source for the longitudinal study of urban populations in France PDF
Fabrice Boudjaaba, Vincent Gourdon, Carole Rathier 17-42
Growing religious pluralism in early nineteenth-century Geneva: new methods for revealing hidden structures and dynamics from censuses PDF
Michel Oris, Gilbert Ritschard, Olivier Perroux 43-58
Fertility and child mortality in their household setting: a variety of perspectives from UK censuses, 1861-1911 PDF
Eilidh Garrett, Alice Reid, Simon Szreter 59-82
Marriage, fertility, social class and religion in an Irish industrial city: Belfast 1911 PDF
Liam Kennedy, Lucia Pozzi, Matteo Manfredini 83-110
Socioeconomic status and net fertility in the demographic transition: Sweden in 1900 – A preliminary analysis PDF
Francesco Scalone, Martin Dribe 111-132
Canadian households in transition: new perspectives on household experiences, immigration, regions and class in the early twentieth century PDF
Gordon Darroch 133-167

In ricordo

Anna Treves PDF
Sandro Rinauro 171-173

Recensioni e segnalazioni bibliografiche

Giovanni Favero (a cura di), Fonti statistiche per la storia economica dell’Italia unita PDF
Idamaria Fazio 177-181